Limited Scope Representation

Ordinarily, unless she is involved as part of the mediation process, Ms. Setzer serves as a client’s attorney of record, meaning that she handles all aspects of the case and makes all appearances in court (if necessary).  However, in certain circumstances, Ms. Setzer will agree to a limited scope representation arrangement.  Limited scope representation (sometimes called “unbundling”) is a way that an attorney can assist you with part of your case while you do the rest of it.  For example:

  1. You can consult with Ms. Setzer to prepare or review paperwork for court, but attend the hearing yourself.
  2. You can represent yourself throughout the entire case and periodically consult with Ms. Setzer, who can coach you on the law, procedures and strategy.
  3. You can do your own investigation of the facts (“discovery”) and ask Ms. Setzer to assist you in putting the information in a format which is useful to the court.
  4. You may ask Ms. Setzer to be on ‘standby” while you attend a settlement conference or mediation yourself or ask Ms. Setzer to attend with you.

Prior to agreeing to serve in a limited representation capacity, Ms. Setzer requires that she be familiar with your entire case so that she can advise you about issues or rights you may not know exist as well as advise you based on the facts of your entire case- even if she is representing you for only a part of the case. Limited scope representation is an alternative that Ms. Setzer will consider and discuss during the consultation process, if applicable to your situation.

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